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Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

Yesterday, I received a notification from Facebook, showing me a memory from 5 years ago. It was a group photo of my best friends and me from our first day of school. Instantly, I had a flashback of those days when we used to be carefree.

I am sure you still remember your first day and many other days that followed to date. Though the memories will be blurred, you won't ever forget the emotions. If you have, let me take you through a journey of those good old days.

Everything was so new and different and definitely not how we planned for. Probably this was the first time in our lives we realized, even unknown roads are beautiful. Remember the big water bottle, colorful bag,multi-storeyed tiffin box, and big fat compass box that could carry the universe inside it. Inside that box, we had multiple sets of Apsara pencils, a scented eraser, and a ruler that would fold as a band.

This was the beginning of an astonishing journey. Every memory made here is like a souvenir in our mind palace, cared and preserved carefully, so strong it won’t break.

1.Brown cover on notebooks -

I am sure you remember covering your book in brown paper. Arranging your books before the start of the semester, and gluing it with the best name label you could find in the market. Then showcasing it to your friends, the next day had a different level of excitement.

2. “Very Good” remarks in the school notebook-

Though not very often, but every time we got a “Very Good” remark or those little star marks from teachers, it made our day. I remember showing it to my mother, so proudly.

We did not realize any of this later in life. Not like we stopped studying in college. I guess because I am pretty sure you were more excited to complete your homework in school than you could ever be in college, just like me. And remember how neatly we used to do our homework? The excellently written handwriting to be specific.

3. Festival Day-

Though each day was unique, there was a different appeal about festivals when we celebrated it with all our friends. My school celebrated Christmas Day with a lot of enthusiasm. Well, the best part of it was the gifts and the marvelous play. Sometimes, it was the pencil box or chocolates, which in fact never made it home, but the best one I remember was a game box. I can still remember, the day we received it, everyone had a gleaming face of happiness.

4. Back Benchers-

Whatever transpired in the class, the ones to be accused were the backbenchers. I am sure each one of us has at least one great story of the notorious things they did or witnessed as a backbencher.

Speaking of me, one constant thing that happened to me as a backbencher was getting thrown out of the class. Though, it didn’t matter because it was the whole squad all the time and only me.

5.Recess time-

My school had these shops in the canteen area that used to sell various snacks, pastry, and chocolates which cost Rs 1-2 per packet. Our schedule was fixed for each day. As we had 10 lectures, the first five were to eat out tiffin while the other five to eat purchased snacks.

We were pretty professional about it. Like, we used to wear half pants but, we knew to manage finances as the bill was paid by different friends each alternate day.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
~Albert Einstein

The eager wait before the bell for the physical education cum games period, crush on a teacher, bunking lectures, beatings we got, silly fights, assembly gathering, result day, sports day, annual function, favorite teachers, first true love, best friends and many more memories are still brushing my mind, as I write this. The school was an integral part of our life, whatever and whoever we are today is only because of those experiences in school.

We started this journey crying and ended the journey crying in our farewell. Gone are the days.

This instance the lines from the song Stressed out by Twenty One Pilot is coming to my mind

“Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days” and I really wish it was possible.

Life is a never-ending journey until you stop believing. We might be out of school but make sure the values learned in school never get out of you. Be hungry, be competitive, be friendly, be supportive, and be the best version of yourself.

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By Rajaye Narkar

Instagram- @grey_chalkschools

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