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Science,Commerce or Arts?

Board exams are scary, not an ounce of doubt about that.

But, Do you know what is scarier, the question asked to a 15-year-old to choose between science, commerce, and arts? And you know what the fun part is, you don’t even need to answer this question, the percentage scored by you ultimately gives people the answer.

There are many myths in our mind while choosing our career line. Here are some of the factors which I wish someone had advised me before choosing my career stream-

Have you scored enough marks?

Let me break a myth for students and parents. It's a grave mistake considering percentage as the only criteria to choose a career stream.

For instance, imagine yourself going to a restaurant because you have been craving to have Chinese but prefer Mexican just because everyone is buying Mexican. The point I wanted to make is to choose your career in which you have an interest and not just because you have scored good /bad marks.

 I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.
 ~Bill Gates 

Are you choosing under parental pressure?

I totally understand that in India, parents are always a part when taking any big decisions of life. But, times have changed.

Yes, sometimes it's extremely difficult to convince parents, but with some efforts, we can make them understand. Because, in the upshot, they want to see us happy, rather than choosing a career and repenting later.

Here, I would like to quote my version of the line from film Super 30,

Ab Raja Ka Beta Raja Nahi Banega, Woh Wahi Banega Jo Usey Man Hoga.

What do you want?

When it comes to making a choice for our own career, we tend to ask and get advice from the whole world but ourselves. At the end of the day, you are the person who has to do the job forever. Pen down all your interest and skills. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses concerning the career stream you are willing to choose. You can always work on your weakness only when you are aware of the same and make sure your strength matches the career job requirement.

For example, a student who wishes to do Marketing should have communication skills at the top in the list of his strengths.

What's your work style?

We all are different, So it's natural to have different work patterns. Some love working on their laptop for hours, fixed in one place, while others name it a boring desk job. Some relish traveling to different places and meet new people, while for some, it is a difficult task to leave their comfort zone. Some love to follow the same routine lifestyle, while some easily get bored by regular 9-5 jobs. You need to comprehend which habit you may follow and consider career options available.

Follow your calling not the crowd.

How many of us have chosen a particular college/stream because our friends opted for the same? Most of the students choose their careers just because the majority are taking the same stream. No doubt, every year why there is a substantial increase in students appearing in engineering/management/medical entrance exams.

There is an abundance of opportunities available in a different career that most are not aware of. So, do proper research before choosing mainstream courses.

Your happiness weighs more than money.

I know it sounds cliché but it will hit you hard once you start working. Nothing can be worse than getting up on a Monday morning and forcefully pushing yourself out of the house to do the work which you don’t care about.

Know your Interest

Many of us choose our careers with the greed of earning money. I was one of them. I chose to become a Chartered accountant after attending the career counseling lecture and the only factor I considered was the monetary value, it will give me after completion of course. Although I hate numbers, still I went ahead to pursue the course, but wouldn’t take it ahead because somewhere that was not me and I was not happy doing the same.

Hope you take care while deciding for a career, you will pursue your entire life.

Thanks for your patient reading.Comment below your choice.

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Christeena Vincent


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