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Online quotes, status, and memes as a way of expression for youth.

Have you ever thought of what would have been our late night entertaining pass time, or how we would have been able to humiliate our friends and not hurting them at the same time without being introduced to Quotes, Memes, and Dialogues?

We haven't right?? but we have all been there, whether that be looking up the internet for an emergency relatable quote for a situation we desperately wanna share both simply and succinctly online or asking a friend to forward that romantic WhatsApp status she had uploaded that u want your very own special someone to see or all the way to waste away an eternity on social media platforms laughing away at memes and not even realizing it. I know these situations need no further explanation.

 "Me after death: slams gates of Hell open, takes off shoes, high fives Satan. 'I'm home. What's the f-cking WiFi password?'"

Memes and quotes have not only become a popular obsession, but also a powerful way to express our opinions. Remember the time you and your friends wanted to express your views on a topic such as perhaps feminism and had only to share the meme on the latest scandalous comment by Roadies actress Neha Dhupia, just to give the discussion a witty closure.

Or that time when the only relief was to look at those sad quotations that perfectly described your situation to fill in the void.

And Yes, it works whole better than writing a full passage on your WhatsApp or Instagram story which is perhaps both too personal and awkward for such a large audience which even includes your family.

Who would wanna go to all that trouble when a quote or a dialogue is certainly a better way without attracting unwanted attention or uninvited questions about personal life. And the best part is people relate to it too and thus sympathize more with you than reading some 500 odd words.

Quotes are generally one-liners that work almost the same way a meme does though without any pictures. Using quotes or quoting the words of your favorite author or your favorite movie star, a book or even a favorite song, has long been in fashion to express personal opinions, long before even memes came into existence. Mostly, it helps people to express themselves better, or with even better clarity if the receiver knows the context.

A status, on the other hand, is a short clip taken out of a song/movie, etc, sometimes edited with or without quotes to express the meaning more clearly or to personalize the massage. This one is comparatively newest of the lot. The most popular of these three mediums are undoubtedly memes. The 2011 introduction of Meme Studies, an actual academic course on memes, at Northwestern University in the US state of Illinois has long been used as a marker of how much of an impact the memes are having on society from shaping language to culture and even beliefs.

Memes are those self-deprecating little jokes that make our words go around more with more impact since u can almost guarantee everyone would stop by and give it a read at least once.

 "Be the reason someone smiles today...or the reason they drink. Whatever works."

What makes it even funnier and catchier is that most of the time the jokes are implied through lines and pictures taken out of context to mean something totally different and u need to join the pieces together to have the fun. In fact, you may feel almost stupid for not understanding a

meme everyone else is sharing.

That's the new world for you where meme and quotes are not mere content or gags but a language altogether in itself, which is not a religion, region or reason specific and is loved by all.

 “Einstein created an unstoppable "intellectual chain reaction," an avalanche of pulsing, chattering neurons and  we started memes that will ring for an eternity”

Congratulations on adding several expressions to this language every day.

May it live long, at least till it connects every last person on this earth together.

Thank You for your patient reading.

Comment your favorite memes down on comments.

By- Deotima Biswas

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