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Mediocrity is any point in time where you cannot attest to a thing or a person is either great, poor or average.

First, let me tell you, you are not alone who thinks of himself/herself to be just an average person with limited capabilities and wants to change for better. I bet you already knew that. And I am darn sure you would also agree to me that, no one is perfect and flaws are what defines the true character of a man.

“Limitless” is just a movie by Bradley Cooper and can not be a lifestyle where the lead is capable of almost everything. In real life, it is not possible to out-smart every next person you see in every next job you land in unless you too have NZT-48 Drug like that in the film. Plus it is not like you are breaking any constitutional rule by leading a perfectly fine sorted life. There is just one problem with living like this is that you are unaware of the greatness you can achieve.

 “To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals.
 Michael Bassey Johnson

Here is the finest example of an extraordinary average person-our beloved Mr.Bean

So to begin with, I would say its just the state of mind and needs deep learning of a person about himself/herself and about the strengths and weaknesses before declaring one as average. Perhaps the most common metric on which people are measured to be average is popularity or more social following.

Considering this, here are some ways how you can get out of mediocrity -

1. Learn to Dream-It is okay to be nothing at the start line, but to act upon you need a goal to start running the race. You must have some people around you who you think are great. Next time you see them, just observe why they're so famous and believe me, that you always find the same response that they're hungry for something big.

2. Stop repenting on spilled milk -Now that you have a dream, forget the entire past and humiliations you received and start working very very dedicatedly towards your dream. This is the perfect time when you can make a difference to yourself and around you.

3. Improve your communication skills- This is a gradual process that will take time. You will have to focus on your listening skills, tone of voice and the topic of conversation, etc during your several tries in getting out of your comfort zone. While doing this, start talking to as many people as you can try to build up a good conversation.

4. Carry yourself in a dignified way-Be polite while speaking to others, give time to personal grooming(maintain hair, beard, nails, and clothing, body odor), try to stay fit and active to participate in events with a good crowd.

5. Don't be afraid to compliment-Complements are the best conversation starters. This will give you a boost in confidence while talking and this is also a proven fact that compliments are always registered in good books of people.

6. Be exotic and unique- Get a hobby, try adventure sport, learn a new skill, nourish your skill if you have any. The addition of each of these feathers to your crown will make you more and more exclusive with time.

7. Have Patience-Rome was not built in a day and neither were careers of the most extraordinary people in this world starting from Jeff Bezos, Lionel Messi to Warren Buffett and JK Rowling.


If you follow the steps mentioned above you will surely be a better version of yourself and not so average anymore. And being average is bliss my friend. Not everyone's attention, no peer pressure to perform and all the time you need in this world to discover your true calling.

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