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Leadership to Management- “We are not the same bro”

So, once before hell broke upon us as this coronavirus pandemic. Management asked a question to leadership- “We both are verbs, we both get works done, we both impact people then, what is the difference between you and me?”

To which Leadership stated some points to elaborate the difference-

Management of the art of controlling and assigning people to different tasks as it is deemed fit for the benefit of the organization.

Leadership needs inspiring people and motivating them for the good by setting an example in order to align personal and organizational goals.

There is no denying the fact that an organization needs both you and me together because there are great leaders to innovate, inspire and envision but then it will always need managers who always have a way around with the employees and perform better with deadlines, targets, hiring, layoffs, and pressure, unlike leaders who may not perform well in pressure.

“Leaders  bring  passion  and  Managers  bring  obedience.

It is always that the managers are appointed by the leaders but it is not to be confused that the quality of leadership is exclusive to that of leaders. Leadership is a characteristic in times of need to stand out from others, to show courage, to take bold decisions and to accept failures.

Roles they are inclined to-

Leaders contribute by analyzing, advocating change and taking new approaches to ensure the commitment of employees. Whereas the later contribute by analyzing and advocating exercising authority, carrying responsibility, executing the work and determining how work will get accomplished.

There are many qualities that are common for a good both, like communication skills, motivation, strategic thinking, fast learner, mental vigor, loyalty, compassion, empathy, etc.

All of these requirements stay the same irrespective of the setting, but the way it is implemented and executed differs according to levels and hierarchy of decision making.

“Management is doing things right;   Leadership is doing the right things. –Peter Drucker

The above quote perfectly explains the symbiotic relationship between the two. For any organization to reach it's optimum, both need to have each other like the most romantic couple you have ever seen.(I will make it simple like 'Bread & Butter’,'Tom & Jerry’ and because I am a fan ‘Undertaker & WWE ’.

Here Leadership ended the conversation by quoting- “We are not the same Bro, but I am nothing without you”.

For Future leaders-

Tasks that will be undertaken by you in the future as Leaders & Managers.

  • Accepting changes and making others comfortable with that change.

  • Encouraging and Valuating of feedback and participation.

  • Turn visions into strategic goals and then action plans.

  • Analyzing the risk and minimizing it by taking required stringent measures.

How will you prepare yourself from now-

  • Allowing yourself to fail and learn to keep trying.

  • Dedicating time for creative projects on a regular basis.

  • Entrepreneurial skills and courses to learn to manage multiple tasks at a time.

  • Designing Different Experiences to know your true inner calling.

Thank You for patient reading peeps.

By Ganesh Sing Modak

Instagram- @iamganeshsingh


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