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Jobless Graduates

What's your dream job? What are your plans for financial freedom?

These are questions; you will start hearing from your friends, parents, relatives, and no ones. Getting a job and having a sense of independence is a bliss that every single student has the right to feel after graduation.

But are we asking the right people? Is our system more capable of providing us a job that we are suitable for, and which pays? I have no proof enough to prove it, but in India, hardly 2-3% of graduates are doing the work they actually love to do. Let alone the dream job, most of the students are left untouched by the companies visiting college campuses to recruit young talent.

India is a country with 1,387,297,452 people, with more than 50% of its population aged less than 25. According to a report, around 28% of postgraduates are unemployed and are looking for job opportunities in almost every field. The Y Generation is the one who is supposed to take the country ahead in the long race of advancement. Is it happening? I want to ask you to analyze it. A survey done by NDTV and The Hindu projects around 50% of graduates are unemployed and are being forced to go for a high degree.

Why is it so? Why the unemployment rate of a graduate student is so high? We are kind of lucky we are fed adulterated numbers by media we consume. The actual stats are way more frightening.

Blame the government, school, or your parents later, you are the first one to be blamed. According to several multinational companies, Indian students are not competent enough or qualified enough, looking at their domain knowledge of an average pass out. There needs to be a sense of responsibility and the attitude to work for an organization by absorbing the vision and mission of the organization. The pre-notion that having a graduation degree will fetch a job is obsolete and must simply be discarded. Surviving shouldn't be the goal.

Joblessness is a time for reflection.

It is a harsh truth that there are hundreds of graduates working as cab drivers, delivery boy, or door to door sales staff. Those with a strong financial background can pursue higher education with the hope of being employable. But this often results in disappointment. The severity of this situation was showcased in 2015 when 23 Lakhs applied for 400 posts of peon, out of which there was a significant portion of graduates, postgraduates, and even doctorates.

Here comes something interesting. The corporates are stating that they are not able to find competent employees to work for them. The mass of applicants is not acceptable for the job. Is the education system not updated enough to meet the current scenario? Are the Universities and Colleges not providing sufficient knowledge to get into the corporate. The answer to this question is rather very complicated. Majority colleges and universities are giving coaching with outdated content. They are not able to impart knowledge and train the students to tackle the organization's work culture. Education houses have become employment agencies, making things way more complicated than it used to be.

But, cursing the government or the education system will not let you land on a job. It is part of the students to prepare themselves for their careers.

1. You must make themselves employable. The students must develop KSA(Knowledge, Skills, Aptitude) to overcome the rat race and be on track for self-development.

2. The domain knowledge for the specific field must be reasonable, and you must know almost every detail about your domain.

3. Keep yourself updated about current events, issues, economic environment, financial policies, monetary policies, etc. This will give you an upper hand in an interview.

4.Have diverse experiences. Experiences give you content to connect, and it's all about networking, whether job or entrepreneurship.

The best remedy for this situation comes in a single word: Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur does not search for a job. They are the ones to provide it. They are the ones who are job providers. They contribute to the country's economy as well as provide technical support and advancement for the country. But every business cant is successful, and entrepreneurship is risky yet fulfilling. This is also a tough time for job seekers. But, with the right mentoring and training, this situation can be handled, and the unemployment rate can be minimized.

You can never know who you really are or what you can do until you discover yourself.

Choose accordingly.

by Afnan Alam


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