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Jealousy - The Game-Changer.

When you feel like, for some weird reason, God is unfair just with you.

When you feel like you deserve what someone else is being showered with. That's jealousy.

Tell me one thing, do you know any person who hasn't felt jealous of someone ever? But you must be knowing many who come over it. We can always argue over whether its a positive or negative emotion, but we can not deny its existence. Because this being just the fundamental human nature.

"In jealousy there is more self-love than love.
- François de la Rochefoucauld

Though, how we get through it or manifest it into our life gives us a heads up over others. Emotional stability is one of the main elements that decide how one reacts to a particular situation. Whether you want to be the winner or want to turn any position as per your desire? Learning how to stabilize yourself come what may let you taste the flavor of success and happiness.

Jealousy is said to be most uncertain of all the emotions one possesses. In most cases, even the person himself denies its existence and fails to acclaim his/her weakness in facing the problem in hand. It diverts you and changes the entire game. One who gets trapped in this web of jealousy harms himself and destroys the people around him. Often it happens that one loses control over one's mind. It makes one forget what the main aim of one's life is.

As a student, one needs to be cautious and should always be able to understand the fine line between competition and jealousy. Although it is required for a student to be competitive enough to grow in life, at the same time, it is necessary on his part to accept failures in some phases of his life. One needs to understand that life is like a radio, where one cannot enjoy his favorite songs all the time, but where he is expected to dance on all the tunes played, even if he doesn't like it.

Healthy competition should be welcomed and is required among the group. It has the power to create a ripple effect. Not only you as a person grow, but you also help your fellow members to grow. One should always try to get inspiration from one another rather than being jealous of the other person's success. It will still help you go a long way, while jealousy only blocks your mind around one aspect, and it never allows you to have a broader view of the brighter future one may have. A positive mindset, but at the same time, you need to surround yourself with the people who give you the same positive vibes. But often you will find yourself surrounded by the people having a crab mentality, who neither themselves will work hard to grow in their career, nor allow anyone else to increase. They will always be in search of ways to pull the people down. They will always try to discourage you because they can never become like you. Thus, one should always be careful and quite selective about the people he/she is surrounded by.

Jealousy does keep you ignited to work harder and to achieve something that your competitor has made, but this only happens when you know the way to how to channelize your emotions. Jealousy is something very natural to occur. In fact, it makes one feel alive and makes you passionate about achieving something; all you need to have is control over this emotion.

A flower never thinks of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms

Try to increase the thirst to learn, even if it is from your competitor. Your perspective to look at a thing has a significant role to play. It decides the thoughts you create in your head about the specific.

Just follow two steps when you feel jealous the next time-

1. If I deserve it, I have faith that I will receive it with time.

2. If I don't deserve it, what can I do to receive it in the future?

Learn to tame the devil inside you.

Thank you for your patient reading. Do check out our other Blogs.

By- Shadan Sadia


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