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Ever got an opportunity to experience a hostel life?? Then you too must have lived memories that you would cherish till death.

I know what you are recollecting those zillions of experiences. Those carefree days, no sense routine, no accountability, loads of best friends, messy fights, annual events, first love and break-up, late-night Maggi, crush on senior, first photoshoot, night outs, movie plans, drunk diaries, evening sutta break, short attendance, emergency contact, sharing dresses, freedom to sleep, month ends, group studies, and namkeen to discuss all of these.

Staying away from home is not that easy. When you have no one to be pampered by, no one who would serve you food, no assistance for your work, no TV or freedom to go out anytime you want, you are bound to feel homesick. However, those lucky ones who make friends way too easily rarely ever miss home. But some friends at the hostel make you cherish hostel life more than college life.

Remember “We actually miss a whole day at college, spending the entire day with their friends at the hostel!”

We live a life enough in those few years of hostel. To be honest, I had so great a life at my hostel that I could write on till eternity and still miss out on something.

But today I want to talk of some of those popular Namkeens (Salted Snacks) because

what are better conversation starters than these during those hour-long discussions?

Remember those 2 or 3 friends, for whom we waited to come back from home or their parents to visit them or the ones who refilled their namkeen stocks as soon as we munched on those.

I understand some of you are searching for the predetermined and pretty obvious use of namkeens while celebrating break-ups and whenever the mood is right. Apart from this use of Namkeens also, it has secured, quite a relevant role in our bonding together.

In the dear memory of all those, we munched on, here I present to you the most popular snacks in hostel life-

Sit back and have some snacks. Anyway, it's not like we can afford to go out-

Packaged Jhalmuri

Alu Bhujia

Masala Groundnut




Chikki Bar



Little Hearts

I have given the list of Indian Snacks only. Because Hands down we beat Lays, Doritos and Kurkure in Authenticity of Taste of India. I hope I could bring back a small fraction of the taste of life.

By-Swagat Patel

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