• Shadan Sadia

Hey Woman, you are Beautiful !

Women are said to be God's finest creation.

A deadly combination of fierce and delicacy, yet always mistaken as weak and meaky. A woman is a creator without whom no further creation is possible. Still, we fail to cherish and glorify her existence.

A woman is born with an undying spirit of sacrifice, unshakable mental stability, unimaginable withstanding capabilities with boundless love and affection. But, these gifts that she uses for others are often taken for granted by their counterpart rather than being thankful.

If I tell you to write on the history of women, Naturally, most of you would start about the misery and the torture that they have gone through. But has anything changed from the start to this date of 22 April 2020?

To combat this, many have suggested several ways. But, it has always revolved around empowering them. The problem in this approach is, we always fail to understand that women don't need any empowerment as they are born empowered. Instead, we let them down by entitling ourselves the task as if we are superior or more capable. This itself defeats the purpose. Isn't it?

Who are we to empower someone?

The practicality of this problem is that we aren't thinking about it practically. It is all in our minds and not in the social system we like to blame on. Our mental cages need to break down. We need to accept the fact that God has made each of us equally beautiful and different and has granted different sets of powers to everyone.

We just need to accept each other the way we are and cherish their value in our life.

Before accepting others, its crucial to accept ourselves. A woman should be aware of the wonders she is capable of doing. She should learn the art of saying 'NO' in any case she is denied consent, and fearlessly say no to every negative element in her life. She should understand that boundaries can only be created to honor her and not restrict her.

But more than women learning to say no, its the need of the hour for males to learn to accept a no. As the various report suggests the incapability of a male to hear a 'no' has lead to a crime against women.

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.                                              ~Roseanne Barr

We, as the youth have the immense power to influence the future. So, I would like to address the leaders of the future generation to engage in developing a proper mindset. To win this war against discrimination, we need to teach our younger ones self-love, rational thinking, respect, and acceptance.

With this, people need to start practicing empathy, else the world with the advent of technology and gadgets will turn us into a selfish and heartless machine. We need to step into their(women) shoes to realize the hardships they go through each day. Only this can lead the way for innovative ideas that could change the fate of the future in India because it's a human tendency to act or be compassionate about an issue, only if it concerns them.


Shadan Sadia


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