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Fostering Your Focus amid Chaos.

Hello friends!!

I know that all of us are facing a strange situation with virus, locusts, and cyclone forcing us to stay locked amid uncertainties. The helplessness has lead to chaos, and we all in our minuscule ways are trying to manage our work by taking possible measures. What started as a fun trip for most of the students that relieved them from studies became like chains restricting their freedom. Nevertheless, we are utilizing our time to the optimum by using tools and methods like online learning and work from home.

Though it was never easy to focus on the goal without getting distracted, life has become faster and more sophisticated than before. Our minds are crowded with so many things at a single point of time, possibly leading to an unfocused mind.

Focus or concentration plays a vital role in our lives. It stops our mind and soul from wandering in all directions without achieving any objectives. When a person works with a focused mind, his journey gets more streamlined than before, and the person becomes aware of the next steps to achieve his/her goal. We need to figure out what's necessary, Just like a car driver who always needs to focus on that road to avoid obstacles, helping him reach his destination.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.
~Bruce Lee

We have our fair share of success and failures, but we all have dreams.

Then, what do you think, folks? Why do we fail? Why are we so distracted when trying to achieve them? Don't you think those distractions have become an unavoidable part of our lives? We all have come across various kinds of distractions from childhood, and that was natural due to our fickle minds. But as adults, there is a considerable list of distracting factors such as family issues, relationships, finances, social status, and others. These being some of the significant problems, there are also other things like social media, gossips, smartphones, multitasking, love interests, etc. can be things that bring us happiness. Still, these are also the causes of distraction. Even the people around us are irritating enough, but we cannot even think of getting rid of them. Can we?

Don't these distractions bug you all the time? Here is a small example from my hostel days.

When I stayed in the hostel, I used to think about all these things, and I tried to manage my studies along with managing everyone's mood, hostel chores, and parties for sure. Initially, it was getting challenging for me to focus on education because of all these things with which we deal in hostels, including silly fights and gossips. Concentrating on studies might sound like a simple problem, but more than half of students cant do it in entire hostel life and then repent later in further studies due to low scores. Luckily, one of my seniors helped me make little changes in my daily routine, such as morning walks, spending time painting, playing guitar, eating time to time, sleeping correctly, and sitting for healthy conversations with friends. These efforts slowly reflected on studies and other activities because I had time to manage my time. I successfully managed to complete my Graduation with good marks. There onwards, I could find my different ways to tackle my distractions.

“Instead of focusing on that circumstance that you cannot change – focus strongly and powerfully on the circumstances that you can.
~Joy Page

As we grow, a lot of things change, not just physically but mentally as well. As young adults, we are quick with our decisions and probably don't think much about future impact but current benefits. The good thing is that we are more open to change and grab various opportunities to be in the game. As we grow older, we start being calmer. We don't take the hasty decision, but that's not always true, and one can lose focus in any stage of life.

So to improve focus and concentration, I would advise:-

- Check your sleeping habits.

- Regular exercise helps release stress and helps in relaxing the mind.

- A proper diet, which helps in staying hydrated and boosts positive focus. - Listening to music. It works wonders to uplift spirits.

- Spending time in nature/or yourself. Mother earth heals all wounds.

- Give time to hobbies. It lets your creative side to survive.

- Meditation helps you in calming your nerves.

All we have to do is being ourselves and nourish our future. Remember my folks, "However great photographer you are, the pictures would look good only if the lens is focused."

By- Nikita Angane.


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