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Hola Amigos,

Before I start, I am just curious, does it often happen to you that sometimes while enjoying the little things in life, all of a sudden you bug yourself with some serious thought out of nowhere and you keep thinking about it for days. (All this while in an intoxicated state)

Something similar happened with me when this topic popped up in my head while I was looking at the sky while struggling to pick seeds from a slice of watermelon during these days of quarantine.

I was distressed that, we as a race have reached Mars but on a different note, we still complain about the shortage of time and how we rush to complete our daily chores.

Well, we have a lot of time now and so do the scholars of the 21st century to re-evaluate the progress in terms of sustainability and moral structure rather than only in science and technology. We all have done rigorous studying for hundreds of hours just to prepare for the future. And here we are struggling for existence to survive till the end of this era that is till 31st of December, 2100.

But then I realized that it is a minor set back right?? We have achieved so much in our quest for knowledge.

We have been able to study most of the species present in the world.

(just missed out on bats I guess, But it is okay)

We have almost succeeded in making Humanoids, our almost working mechanized replicas.

We are dying less of hunger and health diseases.

And I surely agree we are more capable to define comfort than before.

 “He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” – Confucius

More than all of this, we are at a great advantage that we are being able to work, to study, to be informed even in a lockdown situation through the internet.

I am currently doing my bachelor's from KIIT University and have been doing my classes online along with internships and different online courses to upgrade my resume. This paints the ideal picture of our generation that is fierce, unstoppable, dedicated and most importantly knows how to work smart.

We are growing from a conservative system of education limited by money, power, infrastructure, time to a limitless source knowledge free of any kind of discrepancies that is the Internet.

From a middle-aged mom learning to make Dalgona Coffee with her kid somewhere in Delhi to the Granny who resides in Kerla wishing Happy Birthday to her Grandson in Germany via Whatsapp. Then again, A man in his fifties sharing memes on politics.

We all are students in the Internet academy and have adapted ourselves to break stereotypes learning something or the other every day. Be it small or be it big.

 “Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.” – Brain Tracy

Some suggestions on what you can do using the Internet at home-

  • Learn a new Language.

  • Learn to cook different dishes.

  • Learn several free certified courses in your stream of study.

  • Learn about cool facts on your topic of interest.

  • Learn your fundamental rights as a citizen.

  • And learn to appreciate small things in life.

Let's promise to “Never Stop Learning”.

Encourage yourselves and others.

Keep learning! Keep inspiring! Keep hustling!

The ability to stimulate the art of learning is the role of the 21st century. #StayHome#StaySafe.


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