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Digitization and climate change

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Doesn't it feel great to have all the information in the world in your hand? Well, that's the magic of digitization.

We are living in one of the most exciting times in the history of mankind. The technological revolution we are witnessing, that is making our lives increasingly digital and is transforming the way people live, work, play, educate, and communicate is astounding. Easier commute and social networking have brought about a transformation that has impacted the rich and poor, cities, and towns equally. Faster connections, better reach to information, greater work efficiency, better health-care and education, better governance, and much more. The list is endless when it comes to the benefits of digitization.

One of the most lasting impacts of digitization can be seen in saving the environment. Governments and companies across the world are looking for innovative ways to become ecologically responsible.

We have been studying for generations in school that it is bad to cut trees and waste paper. But even today, we are so much dependent on paper. The good news is that the total paper consumption has been decreasing across the globe due to the advent of digitization. For example, Microsoft has been operating as a 100 percent carbon neutral company since 2012 and is reducing emission by putting an internal price on carbon and reinvesting those dollars into clean power.

Modern technology has done wonders for our professional lives. It’s impossible to imagine our work time without access to computers and the internet. But our novel dependence on technology has also revamped our work-flows. Advancement in digital technologies is now helping businesses all around the globe to become more energy efficient. Digitization is more like an all-inclusive term entailing various key aspects of the changing technology in the business landscape.

 "If you really think that the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money." 
 ~ Guy McPherson 

Businesses emerging successful in the race to digitization are the ones that succeed in keeping up with the customer demands by frequently changing operations powered by advanced technology systems. Today, technology has reached a point where businesses are bombarded with tones of options when it comes to technology, e.g. ERP systems, Mobile-based enterprise management solutions and then cloud-based ERP software solutions or business process management solutions offering businesses a never like before the opportunity to venture beyond the traditional sphere of enterprise technology.

For example, personal door to door selling has been replaced by social media marketing altogether.

For example, As we digitally store and send information, our commute is decreasing. Even some of the major companies now allow work from home.

Like in space of accounting, it has become easier to manage work through TALLY ERP software, which saves time, helps in difficult calculations, and maintains digital files for record purposes.

The danger of climate change has compelled many inventors to work on solutions that will lessen the drastic effects that climate change will bring upon the planet. Nevertheless, there is an equal amount of business people and leaders, who are switching to green technology to power their businesses, because it’s a way to deal with weather problems as well and it’s a good thing for the environment too.

Going green is good for a brand’s reputation, as customers these days are showing increasing awareness and penchant toward environment and climate change issues and are willing to support initiatives aimed towards helping the planet. As a result, they want to see companies taking all these problems seriously and research has also shown that they demonstrate this preference through purchasing. On the flip side, businesses and brands get to develop a strong sense of trust and loyalty with their customers.

By reducing the carbon footprint, a business not only gets to cut and save on energy costs and boost employee morale but also drives its brand reputation as a market leader when it comes to corporate sustainability and clean energy thus, helping drive the bottom line, all this while safeguarding the environment and planet we live in.

The solution to climate change is not to abandon our use of essential products, but to focus on ways we can improve them by digitization and keep our environment safe.

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Rehana Shaikh


Instagram- @grey_chalkschools

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