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Classroom 2.0

I felt the lyrics when Adam Levine sang, Memories bring back Memories.

We all have our fair share of prized possession of memories. School life is one of the most prominent ones. Isn't it?

So how will you describe your school life?

Fun and exciting right and remember the time back in school when we had to wake up early and rush to school. Still, we were happy because we got to meet with our friends. And yes, attending those boring lectures where we understood nothing but used to nod our heads when the teacher caught a glance at us and the giggles after she resumed teaching.

I never participated in sports but was always the first one to run towards the class after the assembly bell rang to grab the last bench for my gang. My heart used to skip a beat when my maths teacher used to enter the class and announce with her sly smile for a test. Every time she did this, my hands started shivering like always, and I lost my calm because, like every other kid, I was not a big fan of the subject.

We all faced such incidences back in school. Once, we all feared to ask doubts to the professor in a fear of getting obnoxious looks. Incomplete homework made us bunk the lectures and hide for hours in the canteen. Though the canteen Dada never complained about us as we bonded well over that lip-smacking samosa and soft drinks. Though our Bond with our teachers was very different from this, we loved them for their unique styles of teaching, even if we never paid much attention to their lectures.

We evolved over time and so did our education system.

When we were introduced with projectors replacing chalks and blackboards, what were your reactions? It must have been fascinating to see those colorful slides, while the teachers kept changing them with a small remote-like device that grabbed our attention. I remember, entering the class after my summer vacations in 8th grade, I saw the projector and whiteboard for the first time and was completely awestruck. The level of anxiety and curiosity each one of us felt was on a different level.

As I entered junior college, the Digital library came into existence, which according to me is one of the biggest successes in our Indian Education System. People started shifting from hard copies to soft copies. This was a complete 360 degrees turn when the idea of the digital library was turned into a software application providing simple access to numerous sources just by one click.

Fact-Michael S.Hart created the first e-book available on the internet and launched Project Gutenberg to create electronic copies of more books.

Now, e-Books are easily available on amazon kindle and online libraries. We no more have to race to the school library to grab the only copy of the reference book available. Which is handier as our generation is turning into a tech-savvy one. Mobile phones are not only being used to access social media but also education on the go. Mobile accommodates everything in a single compact device and drives the purpose to access anything, anywhere, and at any point in time. The apps nowadays not only consist of digital material but also includes online test modules to digital payment, attendance, and progress reports just a click away, making learning interesting, and students tech-savvy.

Did you like animated movies during your childhood? We still do right.

We always wondered as a kid, if it was possible to be taught through live visuals, we would have performed better. I remember visiting Nehru Planetarium in 4th grade, which featured shows about space in a domed theatre & stargazing events. It was so fascinating that I had a dream to be like Kalpana Chawla back then. What we see has more impact on us than what we hear. Well, this has been made possible in the past few years where educators and software developers are working together to bring together technology, craft, and knowledge.

Now, for example, how better can we teach a kid newton's law of gravity, if not by a visual depiction of an apple falling on Sir. Issac Newton's head.

We have come a long way in terms of classrooms.It was days ago we were using mobile for video calls and are now obtaining lessons through live video classes.

I look back and feel amazed at the revolution we have been through in the space of education and technology and their merger to provide cheap, accessible, engaging, and long-lasting knowledge.

Presenting you the New Age India with classroom 2.O


Saloni Ubale


Visit - @grey_chalkschools

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