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Welll, what is addiction? Is addiction good or bad? Are you an Addict without you knowing it? All these and more questions will be answered as we move along in this short word journey. What are things that come to your mind when I say addiction? You'd say drugs, alcohol, cigarette, sex et cetera, yes, of course, these are addictions. But the list doesn't end there.

Though banned in most countries, drugs are widely available through illegal sources, and youngsters and teenagers are being targeted in this market. Be it Marijuana or be it Cocaine is open to the youngsters depending on their financial power. Addiction to drugs is very much dangerous as the lack of its supply will lead to mental disturbance, which has lead to many suicides and other crimes among youngsters. Girls addicted to drugs when deprived of a source of money to get the drug use their body to make money. On the other hand, guys would steal and rob people for money, thus increasing the crime rate in the society. Alcohol is no different from any of these

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.

Addiction to smoking leads to various breathing disorders that have the risk of cancer. Cigarettes are widely available and easily accessible compared to the above discussed. Hence youngsters quickly get access to them and are mostly the first step towards all other habits. Well, parenting today has been difficult compared to any generation in history. Every kid has access to the world wide web where he could access any details, and as kids, they won't cross-reference things but believe.

Indeed, we spoke about the known and worst possible addiction. Well, now I'd like to bring to your attention to the unknown threat. The worst habit of this generation is what I am talking about. Probably you are holding it as you read this blog. Yes, it is your mobile phone. Ask yourself How comfortable you would be to switch back to a keypad phone? Well, that's a lot to ask What about staying away from your phone just for a day? Answer the questions, and you'll know if you are an addict or not, and if you feel you aren't addicted, try staying a day without your phone. No selfies, no tik tok, no WhatsApp, no Facebook, no Insta, no Snapchat, no internet well sounds difficult.

Well, the addiction to a smartphone is equally dangerous as those discussed initially. Let me make you think. You see convenience while using the apps. Most of us tend to download the app and give all permission to the app request without even checking the phone prompts. An application like Shareit ask permission for your location what does file sharing has to do with your location. Apps like Swiggy and Zomato influence your choice of food without you knowing they put offers and advertise that thing which they want you to buy. This age is at the increasing use of artificial intelligence. Looking at the affinity of today's generation towards their smartphone, I am afraid that someday the artificial intelligence will control our mind instead of us controlling these devices.

“An intelligent person can rationalize anything, a wise person doesn't try.

Remember, "Convenience is good but not at the cost of slavery to technology." We are fortunate to get this break in the form of lockdown to stop being robots with the dropped neck. Never will you get so much time with your loved once cherish every moment. Restrict the time you spend on the internet to find a new and better way to interact with your kids, parents, spouse, siblings. Stay home. Stay safe.

By-Jeffer Mich Reshance


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